Prototypes and MVPs

SparkNET’s PROTOTYPE/MVP program continues to propel many SparkNET clients into successful adoption and market sector leadership. Your application will retain value to go to market initially or to prove the concept and engage with a feedback loop for development of promising future iterations.



  • Demonstrates the feasibility of a product concept

  • Visualizes the concept’s functionalities

  • Illustrates the concept’s design and layout

  • Offers iteration concept changes and innovation

  • Targets innovators

ROAR For Good’s hardware interaction prototype and companion mobile application prototype proved their concept to local press, technology events, and potential investors. Their prototypes resulted in seed funding.

500BELOW’s mobile interactive prototype demonstrated their concept to potential investors and partners at trade shows. Their prototype resulted in enough user buy-in to proceed to their MVP (also developed by SparkNET).


SparkNET’s MVP best practices

  • Creates minimal form of your product

  • Tests product viability

  • Tests product usability

  • Tests product market demand

  • Targets early adopters

The ShareProz mobile application MVP allows users to share professional provider information (doctors, lawyers, plumbers, babysitters, etc.) with other users. MVP users can also find and add providers to their own provider list while connected with other users, thus building their networks and activity feeds.

MilkCrate’s mobile application MVP encouraged users to live a sustainable lifestyle and to collaborate with organizations to achieve this lifestyle. Their MVP delivered enough critical user input to their team to enable their team to successfully launch their full product.

500BELOW’s MVP looked to improve feedback and support for the drone community. The MVP allows users to connect to other drone operators for training and to maintain their individual drone user profiles. Users can pay for their training via credit cards, Paypal, or Apple Pay. Users providing drone support to other users receive their fee via the same payer networks. 500BELOW’s MVP was released at Interdrone, the largest drone conference in the U.S., gaining critical acclaim by industry insiders.

SparkNET’s market-proven PROTOTYPE/MVP program delivers a best practice-based, fixed-cost solution to your startup that will propel your company into market sector leadership. Bring your idea to life with SparkNET’s PROTOTYPE / MVP program.