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[section_title color=”#1a1a1a” desc=”SparkNET leverages breaking technology to overcome broad-based business issues. Our company excels in custom hardware and software builds as well as mobile app development, big data analysis, IOT technology, wearable devices integration, compliance development, legacy applications to the cloud, and more. Since 2007, we’ve delivered business and tech solutions to Fortune 500 companies, middle tier and multinational corporations, and startups, dramatically growing their bottom line. Our client-centric model allows us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ world to match our efforts to your business objectives at a price point that makes sense for you.” animation=”fadeInLeft”]LET OUR EXPERIENCE WORK FOR YOU[/section_title]

Twilio Development

Make Apps Communicate using Twilio

Twilio is a cloud based service that enables powerful communication between mobile devices, applications, conventional telephones, and systems throughout the business in order to bridge the gap between conventional and digital communication methods.

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SparkNET's Prototype and MVP Program

SparkNET’s PROTOTYPE/MVP program continues to propel many SparkNET clients into successful adoption and market sector leadership. Your application will retain value to go to market initially or to prove the concept and engage with a feedback loop for development of promising future iterations.

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Native iOS & Android. Sencha, Cordova, and Responsive options.

Web Frameworks

Ruby On Rails, Meteor, .NET

JS Competencies

Angular, Node, Backbone, Ember


MS SQL, Oracle, MY SQL, Postgres, CouchDB, MongoDB, NoSQL

Cloud Integration

AWS, EC2, S3, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud

Dev Ops

Continuous Integration, Automated Quality Control, On-Demand Scalability

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