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    What is FaceCrunch?

    FaceCrunch uses scientifically proven facial analysis to optimize the campaign creative for your specific industry. A recent study showed that you can gain up to a 30% increase on ROI if you match the right facial structure with the right industry. Our algorithm takes the guess work out of choosing your stock images.

    Why FaceCrunch?


    Simple AD creation pushes directly to your social media ad account


    Pause, delete or update campaigns at any time


    Smart facial recognition technology picks the best faces for your industry and ad

    Increase ROI

    By analyzing the facial structure of the faces in your campaign we can optimize and search for the best possible matches for your specific industry. According to “Just the Faces” This process can provide up to 30% increase in ROI.

    Higher Engagement & CTR

    Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. 90% of all data our brain processes is visual. Humans are hardwired from birth to recognize and react to faces above all else and the study “Just the Faces” by Li Xiao Min Ding has shown both a 95% increase in conversion of faces vs a work of art and a 48% increase vs. an icon such as a logo. Faces create an instant emotional connection but the right face creates an even more effective connection right from the start.

    Smarter Decisions

    The FaceCrunch image curation engine uses an intelligent learning system and eigenface algorithm. This proprietary engine analyzes 25,000 faces a day and correlates it with the results of every campaign in our system. With this data we provide smart recommendations customized to your campaign based all the collective successes and failures of every face we’ve analyzed.

    The right face makes the difference between connecting, and being forgotten.

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