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Big Data Solutions

SparkNET has a record of excellence creating and managing big data for companies small and large.  We’ve built custom infrastructure, web applications and data visualization tools to help our clients manage and understand their data.  Creating meaningful software solutions to fit our client’s unique needs is what we do best.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps aren’t just for consumers anymore.  Many large and medium sized companies are leveraging the power of mobile first development to give on-the-go access to clients and employees.  Let SparkNET develop a custom mobile solution to enhance access to your mission critical software.

Custom Technology Solutions

SparkNET has a proven history creating unique custom software and hardware solutions.  We build everything from custom hardware to one of a kind multination data management systems.  If you have a technology need, we can provide the solution.

Compliant Development

SparkNET develops and audits applications for specific compliance.  We’re detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your solution meets the requirements for AICPA/SOC, HIPAA, TRUSTe, PCI, or Safe Harbor compliance.

Internet of Things

SparkNET has developed both mobile and desktop integrations for wearable devices and IOT enabled technology.  If you need remote sensors linked to a mobile app, custom web monitoring, or custom drivers we can provide you with the solution.  We thrive working on cutting edge technology and we have the expertise to execute top quality solutions.

Software SaaS-ification

Extend the life of legacy applications by moving them to the cloud and enabling a more global client reach.  SparkNET has developed a number of mult-tenant solutions for companies with legacy desktop software.  Our proven conversion techniques grant older apps a new lease on life while also enabling our customers to vastly expand their marketing reach.

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